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The Happy Yellowphant

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Melon is the only yellow elephant in the blue tribe. Being different is not easy, sometimes she wishes she looked like her friends. Will Melon hide her colour or show it with pride?

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Melon has an idea and a lightbulb appears on top of her head inside a comic baloon


Nothing can stop little Melon! She can find a solution to overcome every obstacle she encounters. After reading this picture book, you will learn how to solve problems using your creative mind.

Melon and a pink butterfly are surrounded by twinkling stars


Follow Melon through her journey of self-discovery! Melon's adventure talks about topics of self-doubt and acceptance. This book will help you build the confidence to be yourself and find a place in your tribe.

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Oh, hello there!

I'm Maddy Zoli, author and illustrator behind the picture book Melon The Happy Yellowphant. You can learn more about my work and future projects by visiting my website!

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